Hi there! I figure I should have a little bit of information about me here. My name is Pat Spellman, and I’m a translator, theoretically. This blog is where I put all the translations that aren’t things I do for work.

Some background information on me: I’m from Boston and attended the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, where I graduated as a Cum Laude Honors student with two BAs, one in Japanese Language and Literature and the other in Communications.

I spent a year in university studying at the International Christian University in Mitaka, and now I work as a CIR in Fukuoka Prefecture (but not in Fukuoka the city!). I have an N2 certificate but I am always trying to improve my Japanese.

This blog initially began as a way for me to keep my Japanese abilities from atrophying even after I returned to the United States post-study abroad, but I’ve tried to maintain it as an outlet for the translations I like doing. The things that go here are mainly songs that I myself like, but occasionally I do requests or commissions. If you’re interested in either, please contact me on Twitter.

I like Jun Togawa a lot, obviously, but I’m generally a big fan of 80s alternative electronic music as a whole – everything from post-punk to disco to EBM to house to new wave, etc. I’m always open to hearing new things, so if you think there’s something I’d like, feel free to send it my way.

This blog began on Tumblr, and is still hosted there @ boshijusei.tumblr.com. I don’t want to delete it because of the traffic and relevancy it has in search results, but this is the main site for my translations now.

Regarding using my translations: if you’d like to put them on something like a video or use them towards some sort of art, please just credit me correctly. I would prefer not to have my hard work stolen, and believe it or not translation isn’t just a, ‘look at Japanese, write the same in English.’ It’s complicated and capturing proper nuances takes a lot of work. Please respect that.

Occasionally I go back and update older translations because I’m not as happy with them as I could be. It’s usually quality-related stuff, but I try to get what I do proofread before I send it out. If you think you’ve found a mistake in one of my translations, please feel free to contact me about it and we can discuss it. Please do not try and call me out (?) over it or vaguepost about me on Twitter because I will probably make fun of you.

For any other inquiries, including regarding media, please contact me via DMs on Twitter.