music and lyrics by SEIKO OOMORI

Cal mentioned liking this song and I think it’s pretty good. I like Oomori’s work a lot and I’ve been enjoying “Magic Mirror” especially, but this one’s good. I can’t say no to a Bible reference.

Translation under the cut!

A virus in Rinshi-no-Mori
Its route of infection is through my saved drafts
An apple that soaked up my natural will to die
Through (I) should have locked
That peep-shotted light blue away
Seeing through me and laughing
The equinox of reality and dreams

Isn’t it erotic how my pain, on the cloud
And your love adjoin each other
A gangster in the apple forest
Rinshi-chan is still a child
The cat I killed in a video game
Even if it really is dead
Artificial intelligence
Just a -1 from the world

“Please retweet” is
A declaration of the mass of the soul
I want to live
And as I live I draw closer
Both joy and sorrow
Rain down every second,
The end hurts, hurts, hurts
And until it gets too important
I don’t know
Please, Pink Methuselah
Bring me along, Pink

I want to lose overwhelmingly
So much so I can’t be jealous
Fragments of urges
I will not falter
Love letters
Sent over CCs
And even a squeaky hammer
Can do massive damage with a big enough chain
The ruins of hope
I staved off hunger through sighs,
Boiled-down and sweet

I live by deceiving the world
With a goodbye I request kept anonymous
Just where is my me?

Breakwaters and traumas
Are stories of the surrounding areas
Stepping on it, crushing it
It hurts, hurts, hurts
Bound hand and foot to so many rights
Let’s run away, Pink
Let’s bet our lives on it

Both joy and sorrow
I want to show them all to you
Every second
It hurts, it hurts, I’m not here
I’ve got to dance
I’ve got to say it
I’ve got to hold you tight
Weren’t you lonely? Welcome home
Pink Methuselah, welcome home

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