lyrics by NOU KAHEI | music by ISAO TOMITA

The opening to the classic Tezuka anime Princess Knight, which I first watched in a class about anime (!) I took at university (!!). God bless UMass for that one, it was a really fun time for everyone and I remember getting a really good grade from the visiting professor who was in charge of it. We watched and read X by CLAMP in it, which remains one of my favorite manga to this day, just because they’re good.

Anyway – enough about me! This song has both a male and a female version, reflecting the dual nature of the Princess Knight character, who is both male and female. I’m not going to get into it here, but I do think the original manga is worth a read, mostly because it’s good – it is Tezuka after all! Jun here is singing the male version because of course she is, but the female version doesn’t change much, just some gendered speech.

Translation and notes under the cut:

The dreams that I have are secret
Secrets I can’t tell anyone
Red cloak fluttering
A prince making his horse gallop
That’s me

Open the castle up
The morning sun rises
And the prince sets out on an adventure
La La La, La La La…

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