lyrics by JUN TOGAWA | music by NOBUO NAKAHARA

Track #3 off of the mini-album CD-Y and an inclusion on the cancelled (?) full album that would have succeeded it. It’s about humanity, but is it good or bad? That’s up to you to decide. The Buddhist metaphors would definitely make more sense to someone who is Buddhist, but I am not! Still, I like the imagery.

CD-Y-era Togawa actually reminds me more of the Dial Y period work she did than the later Yapoos stuff (Dadadaism, HYS) – I think it’s the more impressionistic lyrics? This song in particular reminds me lyrically of “Fool Girl,” for some reason. Maybe that’s just me.

Translation and notes under the cut:

Even in the frozen winter
The kindled fire melts the snow
In Avīci and Raurava
It blazes hot, hot

An intensity like the winter
That I saw before
As that body lies frozen
My blaze still burns

Did human beings not
Stand at the summit of all animals
By their intelligence alone?
Humans are amazing

Come, already your wounds are healed
Stand up, won’t you come with me?
Come, already your bruises have vanished
Start running, won’t you come with me?

In the dryness above the hot sand
That I saw before
As that body is burning
Somewhere, something seemed cool

1: Can be used generally to denote a kind of sobbed wailing, but more specifically refers to two of the “hot hells” of Buddhism:
Raurava, the “screaming” Naraka, is where beings run wildly about, looking for refuge from the burning ground. When they find an apparent shelter, they are locked inside it as it blazes around them, while they scream inside.
Avīci is the “uninterrupted” Naraka. Beings are roasted in an immense blazing oven with terrible suffering.

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