This was originally a live-only song (appearing on YAPOOS de la Cruz), but it appeared later on Teichiku Works and the remastered edition of Daitenshi no you ni / Like an Archangel. I like the visuals of the live footage, though I’m not sure why they never put this on a proper album. It doesn’t feel like it fits onto Archangel thematically or sound-wise, but I can’t imagine a song this good being dropped on the cutting room floor!

Translation and notes under the cut:

From the tears I let fall onto the green grass by the riverside
A water crown, floating on the surface of the sparkling river
I’m so miserable, I can’t help but cry
Yes, I’m so miserable – aren’t I, my daisies?

I submerge my body into the still-cold river
Even when my breathing stops, may no one find me
I will decompose, melting into the river
Yes, I’ll melt into the river – won’t I, my daisies?

I flow through this brook
And before long I’m headed for the blue sea
Ah, to become the sea in August
Yes, he (1) always did like the beach

He has come to the beach where I float
He hasn’t changed at all, he’s swimming with his girlfriend
I’m so happy, I can’t help but smile
Yes, I’m so happy – aren’t I, my coral reefs?

I flow, riding the currents, into the throat he gulps me up with
Ah, to become a miracle in August
Yes, to become one with him
Ah, to think that not another soul knows of this
It’s so funny, I can’t help but laugh

1: Technically in Japanese this is the neutral ano hito, lit. ‘that person,’ but the term is often used as a pronoun. I think it’s clear she’s referring to a man (probably an ex?) here, and am rendering it as ‘he’ instead of a neutral ‘they.’

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